Rent a Marketing Manager | Helium Marketing
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rent a marketing manager

Your all-access pass to our expertise.

A lively digital presence is vital to the success of any business. By creating a credible and consistent online presence, your business will engage with a much larger portion of the market.


However, taking care of key digital marketing activities in-house can be costly. Helium provides an alternative:


Our Rent A Marketing Manager service allows small to medium size enterprises to outsource their digital marketing completely, allowing them to access a digital marketing expert for a fraction of the cost of hiring an additional staff member.


These services each require a variety of different tertiary qualifications, training, experience and personality types –  A combination of skills that can’t be found in just one person. Engaging our team of digital marketing experts through our Rent a Digital Marketing Manager packages is the perfect alternative.


We encourage our clients to mix-and-match the scope and type of services to best meet their needs and budget. And with transparent, work-in-progress updates and analytics reports, the delivered value is clear from the outset.

On behalf of our clients, we manage a combination of the following:


Branding and graphic design

Website design, development and maintenance

Email marketing activities

Social media activities

Online advertising


Book a free consultation to find out if this service is a good match for your business.