Helium Digital Marketing | Online Advertising
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online advertising

Where small details get big results.

It’s a new era in advertising. The age of information is upon us and we can now deliver digital ads through Facebook and Google using advanced targeting technology not available to the general public.


For a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising we can pick out specific details from large amounts of data to achieve big results. Common advertising goals include generating leads, promoting a special offer, or getting customers to sign up to your mailing list.


Managed by our experienced advertising specialists, you get to be hands off, but you’ll still reap all the rewards.


Get started with an obligation free goal-setting session to identify the best online strategy for your business.

Benefits of online advertising:


Highly targeted, eliminating wastage

Everything is measured, data can be used to fine-tune the success of your campaign

Achieve big business results with a small business budget

Road Rules Driving School is pleased to endorse and recommend Helium Digital Marketing.


Our business needed the professional expertise of a modern and progressive Marketing Company. We enjoyed an initial consultation with Scott Ingram from Helium, who shared some “up to date” and practical advice and guidance to help us establish the Social Media platforms which would be most effective for our business marketing.


The Facebook advertising we utilised as a result of Helium’s recommendation has been of immense benefit to our marketing strategies, and we have experienced real and immediate rewards through increased business activity as a direct result of embracing this highly effective marketing platform.


We are grateful to Scott, Jacqueline and the team at Helium and, without reservation, give them 10 out of 10 for the service, professionalism, and immense help they have given to our business.


We recommend anyone needing to broaden their marketing, to contact Helium to discuss how they may assist you with current and effective methods to help grow your business.


Bec Cohen – Co-Owner of Road Rules Driving School