Helium Digital Marketing | One Day Website
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one day website

A brand new website in just one day.

On our one-day-website projects, we have all hands on deck to get your site live and operational by the end of one focused and fun work day.


You will be part of the team working in our boardroom with our designer, copywriter and project manager – all devoted solely to building your stunning website from scratch in just 8 hours.


We’ll run through some background and concepts from you beforehand so we have all the tools and materials ready to form the artwork, design and copy on the day. You’ll be given tips and training as we go, so you can easily make any changes or updates yourself on an ongoing basis. We’ll even shout you lunch at one of the cool eateries nearby.

This package suits clients who:


Feel comfortable making decisions on the spot

Are looking for a straight-forward website

Enjoy collaboration

Enjoy a challenge

Want the freedom to make their own changes in the future



No ongoing contract

Mobile responsive design

Easy to maintain and edit

Helpful advice and training

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