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one day website

Build Rome.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


But then we weren’t around in 753 BC.

(And quite frankly, we don’t see what took the whole thing so darn long).


Constructing something original, stunning, and of high quality in one day is what we do.


And while building a website is not quite the same as the Colosseum, we are amazed at what the right team of talented and efficient people can achieve in one focussed and fun work day.

Helium’s One Day Website projects include:

A Squarespace* website built from start to finish (up to 5 pages) in under 8 hours

Concepts and background prepared for you beforehand, so we have all the tools and materials ready to form the artwork, design and copy on the day

Briefing with the creative team at Helium’s Leederville offices and collaboration with you at all steps along the way during the day

Dedicated services from a project manager, graphic designer, professional copywriter and web developer


Training so you can easily update and add to your website

Lunch in our boardroom ordered from nearby eateries

Leave with a live and operational website by the end of the day.


See? Foundation already laid.

*Squarespace annual web hosting not included. Depending on the US exchange rate approx. $AU150 p.a.

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