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helium has reached its boiling point

Freelance Copywriter Wanted


It’s the start of a new year, and Helium is already at capacity! We currently have dynamic Copy Team of two, and we need a third person to help us keep on top of things.


You’ll need to have at least five years corporate Copywriting experience, and the trimmings that go with it. You must:


  • Be a stickler for speelling and, grammar (if those typos don’t annoy you, please don’t apply).
  • Be a master multitasker, expert juggler, all-round professional project-balancer… You get the idea.
  • Love working collaboratively and alone.
  • Have bragging rights when it comes to writing in different voices and styles.
  • Possess a keen eye for detail, proofing, and editing.
  • Be creative and analytical, creatively analytical, and analytically creative.
  • Love a good joke, and even be willing to laugh at the bad ones.


As a freelancer, your workload will vary, so you’ll need to be comfortable with variable hours and projects.


If you think you can help us do things the write way (oh, yeah, we also love puns), send your resume and cover letter to hello@heliumdigital.marketing.