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Maximise Your Visibility with Google AdWords

You want to get the most out of your new website, but managing your site’s Google ranking can be overwhelming. For many, even figuring out where to start is difficult. However, there are some paid advertising initiatives that can help your site appear higher in Google searches, such as Google AdWords.

Google AdWords can come into its own if you’re trying to appeal to new individuals and communities, by driving traffic to your website. It has the benefit of being seen by people specifically looking for your services, is measurable, and can provide analysis after the first month — including cost per click, click through rates, quality scores, and cost per conversion.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Adwords is the amount of control you have. You choose how you want to reach your customers — with text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube ads, or in-app mobile ads, there are plenty of ways to reach your ideal customer with AdWords. You can then direct these ads to certain geographic — target the people in your local area, or broadcast your business to entire cities, even countries.

Don’t get bogged down with unpredictable budgeting. You decide what to spend, and how to spend it. Adjust your budget whenever you want, and with no lock-in contracts, you can end your advertising campaign at any time (with no hidden cancellation fees!).


Google AdWords is a little confusing, so Helium would be happy to assist you through coaching if you need help in this area. Simply contact us if you would like to talk about ways we can help you boost your website visibility.