Donald Trump and the Value of Our Reputation | Helium Marketing
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Donald Trump and the Value of Our Reputation

Who is Donald Trump? If you had to describe him to someone else, what would you say?

Most of us are aware of who Donald Trump is. We have some idea of his background, what he does and what he values. Most of us will have never even remotely had personal contact with Donald Trump, however we still form our own opinions about him from that information available to us.

If you are the face of your organisation, your network should know who you are, and what you stand for. They will likely have an opinion of you, and you may not even be aware of what that opinion is. They will form that opinion behind your back and without your consultation. They will use the information they have available to them, rather than call you up and talk to you directly.

So how do you control your reputation with your stakeholders, some of whom you may not have met? By contributing to the conversation and giving people the information they never even knew they needed.

One of the most powerful ways to contribute is through content marketing. Simply put, content marketing is informing and engaging your prospective clients and customers through valuable written and visual content. When done with purpose, content marketing can help you influence your brand reputation and get people curious about your organisation.

Content Marketing is not a sales tool.

But it is an influencing tool. At the heart of most companies and organisations, they rely on building good relationships to increase connections, sales or donations within their network or local community.

Well-crafted content will help position you as a trusted voice, giving you the platform to influence and start building those relationships with those you may never get the chance to speak to in person.

Our job at Helium is to help shape and refine your knowledge and insight into content so compelling that your blogs, emails and social media posts will be welcomed.

Want your reputation to precede you in a good way? Interested to know how content marketing can build and nurture your relationships over time? Send us an email, or give us a call – we’d love to chat further with you.