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digital engagement survey

find out where you sit

Fill in our quick survey and we’ll provide a free customised report prepared by one of our digital experts.


  • discover where you sit in the Deloitte’s SMB Digital Engagement scale.
  • identify what you are doing well.
  • better understand where opportunities might lie.
  • receive a framework of what the next steps might be.


You’ll receive a snapshot of where you’re at and can use the data from the survey as a basis for identifying opportunities for improved digital engagement, and ultimately increased revenue.



Prefer to chat with someone about this?


No problem! Simply call us on 1800 HELIUM, and we’d be happy to run through the survey with you over the phone.


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1. Is your business or organisation listed in external online directories? If so, which ones?

2. Does your business or organisation have social media profiles? If so, which platforms are used?

3. Do you currently utilise paid social media advertising or Google Adwords?

4. Does your business or organisation use Search Engine Optimisation techniques?

5. Do you have a branded business email address?

6. Do you use any tools for communicating with customers, other than email? If so, which tools?

7. Do you utilise automated email marketing?

8. Does your business or organisation use data analytics to analyse customer information? If so, which analytics tools are used?

9. If 'yes' to Question 8, do these analytics get used to inform business decisions?

10. When was your website last updated?

11. Is your website mobile responsive?

12. Does your website have e-commerce or booking capabilities (if applicable)?

13. Does your website have clear calls to action?

14. Is Microsoft Excel used as a primary tool for recording information?

15. Is there any business-critical information stored in your emails that cannot be found anywhere else?

16. Is day-to-day operational information (customer details, orders, project information, etc) stored in an application other than emails?

17. Is all information stored in one central location, or spread across multiple platforms?